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My Caps Lock Button Started Blinking Please Help ASAP


Remove the battery, hard drive, wireless card, DVD drive and try turning it on from AC. Again, the power indicator blinks from yellow to green and screen doesn't power up at all. This is the secret of the electronic designer. So I sent it for repairs (it took about 8 freakin' months) It got a new Graph. weblink

I would run the hard drive and memory test first. IML Tech November 10, 2009 | Crystal, I have a HP Pavilion dv6000, my laptop is having some issues. boots fine. My problems is similar to what is shown above. http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/my-caps-lock-button-started-blinking-please-help-ASAP/m-p/5845922

My Compaq Laptop Screen Is Black When I Turn It On

It doesnt start, no leds, no fan, nothing, AC/DC adapter is fine. My brain hurts now! Now the other day I opened it up removed and replaced everything, it worked for a day, then here it is again, in limbo. Looked at the suggestions here and finally tested with a generic Power supply and the thing works fine.

If it's made by CMI, I would definitely try replacing the cable first. At this point, I've come to the end of the list of measures I can think of to get the computer to boot. It use to be able to play 360p and up now it wont. Compaq Blink Codes I came home one day and the laptop had shut down on it’s own and I no lon Back To Hardware ACER laptop does NOT start-up :( alex_svenson Newbie Posts: 8Loc:

Connect hard drive to another working PC and check out if it spins. Worked fine for an couple of hours and then the y-y-y-y-g light started flashing and got a shut down(plugged in power) but the fan and harddrive is still running but black Now plug the AC adapter and try turning it on again. http://newwikipost.org/topic/evyX4kYc43AGPaBoAkAaGvD76PZswwZ6/The-caps-lock-and-scroll-light-blinking.html alex_svenson Newbie Posts: 8Loc: Iowa 3+ Months Ago Rebecca612 wrote:Glad I am not the only one.

I have no doubt that this method does sometimes get the unit to temporarily boot, but not for the reasons they claim. Compaq Laptop Black Screen Solution* (caps/num Blink Continuously) First, when I close and open the lid again and secondly, when the mouse pad is touched after the display of off as per time set (thus the lids is not If the laptop starts fine, it must be a bad fuse. Later, when i was booting everything was normal, but the touchpad was turned on (not by me) while I was constantly kept it off because i use a mouse.

Compaq Laptop Black Screen Blinking Caps Lock

Mother board already replaced once under guarantee (they said) when the charging became unreliable, but failed again just after the end of the guarantee. In a one week period it only failed to start once and when it starts it keeps going with no problems. My Compaq Laptop Screen Is Black When I Turn It On Status: 0xc00000e9 Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred. --- end of message. Compaq Presario Cq56 Black Screen Caps Lock Blinking Cancel irepairappletech Rep: 139 3 2 Posted: 12/21/2014 Options Permalink History You have burnt out the Graphics chip on it, i am amazed it has lasted this long as these model

Cancel Marius Vlad Rep: 13 1 Posted: 11/17/2014 Options Permalink History happened to me too. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers Is this a good question? Good luck! Nothing shows on the screen at any point. Compaq Presario Cq56 Black Screen On Startup

I've ordered 2.5" HDD enclosure a few days ago. no sounds..nothing. Again, the power indicator blinks from yellow to green and screen doesn't power up at all. Thanks, Joe Hello, any help is greatly appreciated.

I do not get any LCD lights on the front of the laptop like I use to do when the PSU is plugged in. Compaq Laptop Black Screen With Cursor Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and let is seat like that for a few minutes. And we're asking you to stand up for repair.

Thank you so much for the reliable info!!!

This happens WHILE I'M WORKING on stuff. When I plug the ac adapter into the wall ac power outlet; the light on the ac adapter is solid green at that time. Take Action Home Technology Expert WordPress Expert John Lamansky Catholic Technology Expert A Blinking Orange Power Light Yesterday morning I plugged in my computer. Compaq Presario Cq61 Black Screen On Startup After that period it started hanging on shutdown and i was removing all power to shut it down.

Laurie April 20, 2012 | I installed a wifi card internally, then my Dell laptop would not power on??? Today, even though I had the PSU plugged in the laptop was running off of battery. I've even managed to reach ubuntus version of chkdsk once, after 20 or so attempts. It's a laptop and a few weeks ago the keyboard and the mouse stopped working correctly.

It's possible your adapter failed. Locked up whilst playing a game, I did a hard reboot, and now it will not turn back on. Test. It's got worse, so time down takes longer before I can get any sign of life from the machine.

Bought it in Singapore and I live in Ireland. If nothing helps, you'll have to reinstall Windows from scratch. test powersupply and HD and both are dead. 1.5 hours with dell chat, yes Indian, to get powersupply and HD replacement sent to my work, since under warranty. Any ideas?

I can't identify which particular pins are faulty. I wanna know if this big difference in AC amperage will hurt my laptop or not. Or alternatively suggestions on where I might be going wrong in following HP's instructions? If you continue to receive this error, contact the hardware manufacturer.

I PURCHASED a SEPERATE PSU and I get the SAME result. Share it! Many visitors have provided additional solution ideas in the comments section below. That is all I get.

Later I noticed that gentle hits to the lcd caused flickering. lino January 31, 2012 | hello…my acer aspire 5550 wont power on. Gary August 29, 2010 | If I hold down F11 during startup the power will stay on. What would you check first to see where is the problem.

I removed HDD and put it back but it didn't help. My bluetooth button will light up but the button for wireless will not light up even if i press it, and now a few seconds after it starts up it gets what will be possible reasons Could be failed memory. but i only got a ticking sound inside the mboard…and it faded away… nothing after that… ladoks November 26, 2009 | My acer aspire 5315 shows no light when power on.