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Max brightness isn't consistent (Not as bright)

Max brightness when unplugged isn't near as bright as max br.


Monitor only work on lap top when a second monitor is hooked.

Monitor goes black an the notebook does not work anymore

my computer screen goes dark when i plug in the power cord

My half screen turns pink.

My dell E7440 got burn near screen

my hp classmate notebook screen dose not come up after power.

My HP laptop does nothing

My Hp laptop probook 450 screen flashes several times during.

my hp laptop screen becoms red in colour

My laptop has a shadowy flashing corner. Its doing.

My HP Pavilion laptop screen flickers-WHY?

my laptop fall down. I'v changed the screen.

My HP Pavilion has a crack across the screen.

My laptop display turns off when i have my charger plugged i.

My hp keeps blinking

My laptop screen (LCD) stopped working after the L.

My Laptops Y700 17.3" LED screen is broken how do .

my laptop screen

My laptop monitor is blank and unresponsive. How do I fix it.

My Laptop Screen Blanks Out

My laptop appears blank screen

My laptop screen died

my laptop screen goes blank very often

My Laptop screen turns black and i can't work when plugged i.

My laptop screen changed to multicolored static li.

My monitor wires are cut.

my notebook screen is blinking

My Laptop screen turn black while using it but the laptop tu.

My laptop screen is being green

My laptop screen is split in identical two's with a blue lin.

My screen recently cracked on my lap top and I am trying to .

My screen was accidentally broken and my laptop is still in .

My Screen's Damages: Colors are Changed

My screen works but is showing different colours

my split 2 laptop screen glass broken

My screen just went dim

My screen is black all the time

My notebooks screen is black and is not responding to anythi.

my laptop screen got cracked by my earpiece and the ink pour.

my screen suddenly became green and pink

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