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multiple copies of images on my computer

my "computer cannot communicate with the printer"

My Admin account has been taken over

My computer freezes from time to time

My Computer Duplicate Folders

My Computer had a seizure?

My computer crashed i guess.

My Computer Doesn't allow incoming connections from homegroup

My computer start up but the screen looks black and then tur.

my computer becomes slow after 30munites

My computer won't boot please help ASAP

My computer is killing it self?

my computer will not play video's or download videos from th.

My computer installs updates every time I shut down

My Computer is running slow

My Computer Is Very Slow

My computer won't read Empire: TW's disc

My computer is well i dont really know.

My computer just died on me

my computer beeps and asks for administrator password or pow.

My computer is having an identity crisis

My computer claims it has no hard drive after it froze and .

My computer hangs at shutdown -- Abnormally Stopped System Services

My computer won't let me rename folders.

My computer will not boot. HP logo circling white dots

my computer

My Computer is Unusable. PLEASE HELP

My computer often die alone without warning

My computer said it detected backdoor:win32/cycbot.b and said it was removed

My computer having strange issues lately.

My G555 fan is making a load of noise

My computer has just starting timing out.

My computer is slowly dying from Windows 8.1

my computer did this then wheni t restarted all internet opt.

My lap top was hacked

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