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mic plugged in

Microphone not detected after installation of SP2

Mic not working (peripheral does not appear to be plugged in)

My battery app. says that my power cord is plugged in but is.

My battery is plugged in but not charging

My HP pavilion 15 notebook does not charge after 81%

My computer won't charge

My HP 6910p is plugged in but is not starting charge

My computer is plugged in but wont charge

My laptop charger has been changed with one of my friend. Ho.

My laptop doesn't work unless it's plugged into the charger

my laptop is stuck at 99% plugged in

My laptop is showing Plugged in Not charging even after new battery and charger

My HP Pavilion is plugged in

My laptop is working only when power supply is on.

my HP 250 G3 won't charge

my laptop says 0% available plugged in charging

My Laptop plays music only when headphones ate plugged in st.

My laptop will not charge while plugged in and ON

my laptop shows plugged in charging but actually not chargi.

my new hp laptop battery showing plugging

My notebook says "plugged in

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